The following restrictions MUST be adhered to if we wish to remain open:

  1. The 4 square metres personal space must be adhered to by everybody. That means 1.5 metres distance between you and the next member.
  2. Ranges #1 and #2 (25 metre ranges) will have a maximum of 5 shooters and one Range Officer per range. Only every second bay can be used.
  3. The 50m range may be used on the left hand side for the Classic 48 service match.
  4. The Air shed will be available for a maximum of 3 shooters plus a Range Officer. Bays 1, 5 and 13 will only be used.
  5. A maximum of 10 people can be within the Club House at any time.
  6. The sign-in book will be available at the base of the steps to the club house main entry.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the premises.
  8. Current P650 Trainees will be allowed to shoot but unfortunately we can’t allow visitors or new P650 applicants as yet.

A couple of other points to mention:

  • We are aiming to hold the events as they are slated on the web site calendar. We will need a Range Officer for each of the events.
  • We may have to change the events on the day depending upon numbers.
  • If you wish to take part in either of the slated matches (11:00 or 13:00) you MUST be at the range and signed in 15 minutes before the start of the detail. No late-comers will be allowed.
  • If members would like to do load-testing, sighting or generally just practice and a range is free, you will have to organise for a second member to be the Range Officer.
  • We only have a handful of people that do the Range Officer duties. While this is a certified course, we do have “R/O Cheat sheets” and the regular R/Os will be more than willing to help people to step up and have a go. Remember, acting as an RO for a match actually counts as a sanctioned shoot for the caliber of firearm being used in the match. It doesn’t count for one of your 6 comp shoots for the year but it does count for any shoots after that.
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